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old map of San Jose, California San Jose is known as the birthplace of the semiconductor, the integrated circuit, the computer, and much of the software that runs on it. It is the number one hub for technology in the United States and many big names are headquartered here, including Lockheed Martin, Apple, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM. The city boasts an educated population, along with excellent career opportunities, a mild climate, and low levels of crime. However, San Jose is crowded and residents must contend with difficult commutes and a cost of living that is the second highest in the nation. The region is also particularly susceptible to economic cycles. Summers are typically dry and sunny with marine "fog" that begins in the evenings and burns off by mid-morning the next day. Winter is usually mild and can be somewhat rainy. The city of San Jose is easily reached by car, bus, train, or air to San Jose International Airport.

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The center of San Jose, California is located at about 37.33 degrees North (latitude) and 121.88 degrees West (longitude). The city occupies approximately 174.9 square miles in land area; according to the 2010 census, San Jose's population was 945,942.

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